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Hey pal!!!!!!! Can you think of some good character costume ideas??????? I feel like you'd be super good at this and I need help thinking of a costume. X x x x x x x


Agh I love costume ideas!!

  • Marceline the Vampire Queen: Wigs would be great, they should be pretty cheap at $2 stores. Skinny jeans and a tank top and maybe an inflatable guitar to carry around. Two dots on your neck for her vampire bite!
  • Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom: pink dress with a collar, white knee high socks and saddle shoes. Also binoculars. And blue eye shadow. Her hairstyle is really easy!
  • Louise from Bob’s Burgers: just a plain green dress. Are bunny hats easily accessible? I’ve never looked for one but maybe you could make one?
  • Khaleesi from Game of Thrones: white hair and you are set. a pretty long dress, and gladiator sandals. And a toy dragon
  • Sailor Moon! This could be the easiest to actually just go out and buy but you run the risk of other people having it too, because every costume party i go to there’s at least one sailor moon. But the outfit is so simple, blue skirt, white t and a big bow. The red boots could be a little tricky but you could cheat and just wear red socks for the look.
  • Mary Poppins: this is easy too. White button down shirt, a longer navy blue skirt: you can totally find both of those in op shops without a problem. Red bow tie, they are so easy to make, and a little hat you can put fake flowers on. 
  • Wednesday Addams: black hair in two braids, black dress. It’s harder to find one with a white collar, but you could take an op shop shirt and cut the collar off of that to use. 
  • Agnes from Despicable Me: overalls with a striped t under and sneakers. A very high ponytail and a stuffed unicorn
  • Marie Antoinette: any super frilly and huge dress, I think this would be so much fun although it would be the most work. Very high hairstyle. and you can eat cake all night <3
  • Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service: too simple, black dress and huge red bow with a broomstick. maybe a little black cat for Jiji
  • Hermionie: this would be pretty easy too, a black skirt, grey jumper with a reg and gold tie or scarf. you can buy timeturners on ebay for about $1 each, so cheap!

I really hope this helps!!